28 December 2009

Check Up and Round 2

The holidays have been far more enjoyable than I had imagined they would be.  Except for my hair deciding to fall out on the morning of Christmas eve everything was quite normal.  I've been blessed with good results and comfort during the holiday season.  In case you haven't seen the new look I am sporting ...

Had blood work and a check up with the doc before chemo today.  Everything OK on the blood work and pretty good news from Dr. Ahmed.  Seems the two known tumors in the lymphs have shrunk significantly and he had trouble locating them just through feeling for them.  No indication from the doc as to whether that was expected but I sure feel good about it.  He also said I was tolerated the meds very well especially since this is what he described as a pretty "hot" course of treatment.  So while we are far from declaring victory this was all in all a very good, at least in my mind, interim report.  None of this do I take credit for, of course.  I can only attribute it to the right course of treatment and the power of all your prayers. 

I am extrememly grateful for all of your support, all known and unknown.  Please continue with your prayers as I know this is contributing towards achieving a positive outcome.  As I have stated before, it is all very encouraging and uplifting for me.

Happy New Year to you all and best wishes in the coming months.