31 January 2010

Round 3 Update

Round 3 has been going pretty much as well as the first two rounds.  The main difference seems to be that with each round the side effects go a little deeper and take a little longer to work through.  I've been trying to keep up with work and Kim would tell you I've been doing way to much.  Which in fact led to our first kind of scary incident.

On Friday of chemo week I went to the oncology center to dump the pump.  I'd been working a lot of hours during the week and Friday was no exception.  Problem was that Friday I wasn't keeping track of what I had to eat or drink.  On the way back home from the doc I blacked out in the car for a few minutes.  Kim kinda freaked (of course, who wouldn't) but stopped the car, got me revived and back home.  Hit some high cal drinks and got some food in me and everything came back to normal.  Quick consult with the oncology office, everything OK.  Big thanks to Jim and Krista for helping get things settled down.  I'm sure I haven't heard the end of that one yet.

Late this week I started having a low grade fever that came and went.  Wasn't too worried about it until it started to spike yesterday.  My immune system is now at it lowest point in the cycle so I called the doc.  Had to run in for some quick blood work and a shot to boost my white count.  That and some antibiotics got me back on track.  Nothing that was a big deal.

So God continues to protect me throughout all this and I can tell you that even knowing where these tumors are I cannot find them any longer.  I know they are not completely gone and I'm not at the end of the road but I am extremely encouraged by the results.  I also continue to be amazed by a gracious God who knows my needs and fears and gives me what I need to meet and overcome them.  People bringing over meals, neighbors shoveling the driveway (yes, we actually had a significant snow in Evansville), numerous cards and emails.  Thanks to all for you continued prayers and support.

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