28 February 2010

More Gravy, Please...

Been a while since I've blogged.  Some of it is time management while I work, manage doctor appointments, get taxes done, rest, etc.

Several developments over the last couple of weeks.  Feeding tube got inserted and all has gone well with it - basically means I've not used it.  Best news is that the PET scan from two weeks ago show that the tumors are all dead.  There was no metabolism showing in the areas where the tumors were so we have had "complete response" with the chemotherapy.  While I am extremely thankful and blessed by that it does not alter the course of treatment for radiation.  I'm thinking it is kind of a scorched earth approach.  So I'm on the front end of seven weeks of Monday through Friday radiation treatments.  Seven of thirty-five complete.  Nothing too much to report with that other than mouth starting to dry up and just some very slight tenderness at this point.  I'm getting used to the process.  The restraints are getting less troublesome as each day passes and the care givers are very supportive.

I continue to feel generally well but get pretty tired most evenings.  Starting to have some queasiness but not outright nausea at this point.  May be coming as cumulative effects of chemo and radiation progress.  It is pretty controllable with medication.  The doctor wants me to fatten up.  He's concerned about weight loss in a couple of weeks.  Ironically Kim and Tess are trying to diet while the doc is telling me to eat 6 times a day, have lots of ice cream, mashed potatos with gravy, hot dogs, and whatever other high calorie, high fat foods I can get in me.  I told him my biggest fear was getting through this then dying of a heart attack.  He responded that I wouldn't have to worry about a heart attack if I didn't get through this.  Good point.  Kim is pushing me to eat all the time as she should be doing but there is only so much I can do.  Don't think I've lost any weight this week but not sure I'm putting in on like the doc wants.

Continued prayers are appreciated.  It is very encouraging to know there are many, many people out there supporting me.  Thanks for all you are doing.


  1. No problem, we'll continue to pray and will thank God for the progress you are making. While you are at it, eat some high caloric food for me. Sounds really good. Steve, take care.

  2. By now, you can hopefully see the end of these tough treatments. Please try to ignore the bad things about them and stay focused on the good. Perhaps even write down the benefits. During the rough times we tend to loose sight of the overall prize.

    Thanks Steve for your courage and for your friendship. We look forward to hear from you soon.

    You remain in our daily thoughts and prayers.

    Love, The Berndts